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Work towards Ofsted compliance to earn the trust of your clients. With the Professional Nanny E-Course from PROJECT ACTION, you can learn in a modular style at your own pace, gaining knowledge from 30-year+ experts. 



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Every course at PROJECT ACTION has been designed with personalisation at its core. The beauty in each of our mentor-lead sessions is in our planning. Each of our clients fundamental aims are different therefore we believe it is our responsibility to adapt every single mentor-lead  session to meet the needs of all group or 1-1 participants. Our mentor-lead sessions, combined with our online training platform put you in control of your learning experience. Our courses are helping countless employees reimagine their approach  to tackle and overcome multiple obstacles in everyday working scenarios thanks to a build-up of true professional skills designed to encourage an increase in productivity, problem solving and collaboration with a shared purpose. 

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Make development work for you with our 100% digital training portal. You can watch content, practice with  exercises and take your final exam all in one place using your personal Project Action account.

Receive expert guidance and feedback every step of the way. Opt in for 1:1 or group sessions for your team where you can leverage the knowledge of a dedicated Project Action mentor throughout your journey.

We love to have a hands on approach throughout all development journeys. Tailoring your experience to the individual needs of you and your team will unleash the full potential of Project Action training. You are in control.


* Access to course content is offered at the sole discretion of Project Action London CiC in accordance with our terms of use. The purchase of access rights to Project Action London CiC content is offered for a maximum of 3 months after which access rights will be revoked unless alternative arrangements have been offered in writing from Project Action London CiC. All content is subject to copyright law under the 1988 Copyright, Designs and Patents act (CDPA 1988) and as such may not be shared unless explicit permission if provided from Project Action London CiC in writing. Violations of the Project Action London CiC  terms of use and/or the CDPA 1988 legislation will be subject to litigation. For more information on this topic, contact us here.

** With the exclusion of the free consultations which take place before access to online course content is granted, meetings with Project Action mentors are chargeable. Fees will be calculated ahead of time and will be communicated to you before the session takes place. Any and all chargeable activity will be agreed upon from the outset when a scheme of work is agreed which may contain but is not limited to teaching methods and a number of hours (if agreed before access to online course content is granted) that your Project Action mentor will allocate to you. Project Action London CiC reserves the right to entirely refuse free consultations without providing notice or reason. For more information on this topic, contact us here.