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Healthy eating for children

Working in a family home as a nanny is a great privilege and one of the role is to prepare healthy meals for the children. It is imperative to offer food to help the children grow and develop plus gain a life long love of eating food that will be beneficial to them. Nannies will often achieve great results in helping them feel confident in trying new foods.

In a world of fast food, and allergies we will guide you to organise your menus and gain some understanding of the needs of children, showing that nannies often influential the children’s eating to develop a healthy diet choice.

Plus, assessments to be completed at home

We can offer this guidance to parents, charities or new mum groups to help you be guided on how to help your child become a healthy eater. Happy to take training in groups Please ask for further details.

This particular training date is all on skype in the comfort of home

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