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Coping with first days at work

The CIC company was set up to help people who may have been unwell and wish to go back to work, but this experience can be daunting. The training outcome was to help them gain confidence and useful tips to assist the transition in the initial first few days and coming months. Enable building of relationships in a new workplace and advise on those first few weeks on finding your feet.

Some helpful tips

It is important to make a good impression, . What is often forgotten is that a company often means new procedures, new colleagues and new systems. The course also gives ideas how to overcome this obstacle.

1.Trying to make new relationships the do’s and don’ts in the office. Show enthusiasm and be positive become part of the team

2.Dress how the company wishes its staff to dress but obviously being comfortable in the clothes you are wearing.

3. Arrive a little early, not to leave exactly on time, but also not stay too long

4.Go to coffee/lunch breaks with colleagues they will see this as you are trying to be part of a team and you are interested in getting to know them. If finances are tight take lunch and just go for a tea/ coffee with them. Avoid the gossip and office politics

5. Remember to listen and colleagues will notice this, and you learn a lot. Try writing things down that you need to remember so to avoid keep asking the same question

Enjoy your time and new challenges….

Delighted with some of the comments left for me.

  • Very supportive and runs the workshop well

  • It was good and interactive very flexible learning for joining an

  • I found it very supportive and helpful when i go back to work

  • Learning activities highlighted key points on the course and made them memorable

  • I liked the part about not being too open with colleagues before you know them, also about being careful in sharing in gossips just listen.

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