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Reading to become a love in life

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Course Overview

Helping children to read This course is suitable for Au pairs, nannies. parents, and grandparents who would like to help develop a lifelong skill in learning to read. Aims To provide understanding of supporting and guiding with reading- each child is different. How we learn to read and write. Offering the activities to learn these Skills to offer for children to accomplish this and build their self-esteem, social skills and learn. All these tasks help a child want to learn the skill of reading it is taught and needs methods to grasp this in an enjoyable way with lots of variety To provide a greater understanding and professionalism as a nanny  Learning outcomes In a world of technology many reach to this rather than books to learn.  Reading is important in life and each training session will offer lots of ways to learn to read with children and this module will give a guide and help. This is a single module which is for Continued Professional development. Knowledge based outcome: Understanding in greater detail that all children are different, but reading is vital for development and to have life skills. There are many ways of learning Application outcome: For nannies it will help with CPD and being confident in supporting and guiding parents but working to a higher level in their skills to develop their charges

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