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 There is a story behind every company, our started as a qualified Nanny, then created a nanny agencies spanning South East London and Kent helping thousands of families and helping nannies gain employment.  We then stopped the recruitment and have training for our nannies.  With over 40 years within the industry Project action can offer a unique training experience. So let PROJECT Action help you find your passion in being a nanny and offer new beginnings and fresh opportunities that may not have been realised - Achieving Brighter Ambitions.


I want to help Nannies become the professional career it deserves by helping everyone have a opportunity to learn the skills of working as a nanny which is informative, valid, and affordable.

- Margaret Cowell, Director PROJECT ACTION



Since qualifying  as an NNEB in 1982 Margaret our founder has been involved in childcare. We had been a name that resonated great service and a go to nanny agency,  for over two decades and couldn't be prouder of the team we built, the work we accomplished, and the partnerships we have made.  Our director Margaret Cowell had an influence on the industry working with ANA, supporting government initiatives and working with charities in childcare. 
However it was time to move on in 2018 and having gained training qualifications at Canterbury Christchurch university it was time to focus on building a training company to for nannies.  We work with likeminded companies such as nanny agencies in providing the service  


Who is Project Action?
It is a company offering  training for childcare, to enable Ofsted Registration.  This is blended learning with emphasis on on-line-training but with the option to speak with us directly.  Margaret is very much up to date with childcare training as she teaches T- Levels to students at college.


Thanks for reaching out to us. We look forward to reading your message and will be in contact within 24 Hours.

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