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Can a disagreement be solved between employer and employee?

It is imperative to try and resolve problems quickly and effectively, so it does not affect your working relationship with your employer and affect your fellow workers.

We all have disagreements in every aspect of our lives and this does occur when working. It can be overwhelming especially for new staff as you may feel awkward speaking to work colleagues or supervisors to ask for assistance or advise.

Before commencing the, you would have had an interview and hopefully been given a contract of employment and job description. Some companies offer a second interview which allows the opportunity to address any misunderstanding at first interview stage. After all the procedure can be daunting. So, check a few points:

  1. Did you have the skills or support to fulfil the role?

  2. You feel comfortable working for the company

  3. The role you were given was achievable

  4. What you were asked to do is covered in your work description or was it to help someone out?

When things go wrong:

It happens, and it is a matter of how it is dealt with.

Don’t become defensive if the employer does criticise – go away and think about matters and see if a solution can be met and ask ot meet up to discuss

  1. Discuss why you are concerned with the criticism

  2. Ensure you keep to the facts about what happened and do not try to make things up

  3. If you did wrong admit and ask if further training needs to take place so you are able to acquire the necessary skills

  4. Communicate with one another in person not just through email. Before meeting up write the matters you need to discuss

  5. Offer solutions and if suggestions are made let people think it through before making a final decision. Offer a time frame to resolve this matter

  6. If the query is about employment matters, you can speak to HR or ACAS who are free to ask about employment matters in the UK. Then you will have the correct information so you can make an informed decision.

  7. Be honest but not offensive/personal- it is not what you say but how you say it to a person

  8. Agree to meet up within a sensible time frame to check the problem has been resolved.

Communication for all those involved is very important key to having a happy working relationship.

Project Action London offers a 2 hour training course dealing with conflict and resolution ideas.

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