Managing Conflict

Todays training session was to help people understand conflict, how it can occur and steps that can be taken to aim for a solution:

Conflict situations are an aspect of our daily life’s and in the workplace. It will always occur and is normally a difference in opinion, values or needs that determines why it has happened and how it progresses. Sometimes it can have a positive outcome as it makes us re-evaluate the circumstances or situation. Both party’s need to be open to ideas, listen and normally compromise.

Today the session was about steps to manage conflict, an opportunity to view things from both sides, and how to manage reaching a solution even if compromises do take place.

Looking at how behaviour and communication can play a key role.

· Body language

· Tone of voice

· Words spoken/ written/ social media or any form of communication we may use.

· Behavior towards an individual

Signs of conflict:

· A person withdraws

· Team work breaks down

· Will not face the problem, so it escalates

· Work is not to normal standard mistakes are being made

· Conversation becomes limited

· Staff start going sick

· Body language changes- negative not positive

Working together:

· Work with others to try and find a solution

· Speak to a line manager about concerns to see if they can give advice

· Be part of the team and work with people.

· Look at solutions on each side and make to everyone’s opinion counts and these concerns are addressed

· Be honest- discussions should be open and non-judgemental


· Learn to listen and share someone’s concern

· Look at positive and then address negatives

· If a solution can’t be reached agree to meet up and discuss further when both parties have had time to think and look at possible further solutions.

· Have a trial period for ideas see if it works.

· Put yourself in the other person position and see what advise you may offer them if they came to you.

Conflict can lead to the work force being unhappy and production being lower. Conflict management training is helping staff be equipped with ways of approaching and trying to resolve problems before they escalate. In this training it is about learning how others perceive us, our body language, communication, and gaining skills to address the situation. What steps can be taken and commencing the journey to resolution.

We train with interactive activities, discussions and use real life scenarios to look at solutions. The comments today reflected on the trainee’s outcome and it was all positive.

Some of our learners comments today:

  • I think this course is very helpful. Considering the amount of time we had to discuss this it was very positive and to the point

  • Many thanks - thought at the beginning this wasn't relevant to me but it has been very useful and help me to begin to resolve my confidence

  • This course was a great eye opener for me- Thank you

  • Really helpful and felt supported and taken seriously- good advise on body language

  • Really helpful learnt things I hadn't even thought about before. Things I think will help me going forward.

Project Action London is a CIC company and offers a variety of courses for businesses and charities. Each course is bespoke to your requirements and outcome. All profits go to setting up free courses in the local community to help those who have been ill and looking to return to work but need help and advise in reviewing their skill set and confidence again.

  • If you are a local business and would like to discuss training, please contact us. Our working together will in turn help the local community.

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