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Inspiring young people

Our young people are inspiring and have a great future ahead of them. It is a matter of them wanting to achieve and able to have the opportunities.

I went back to study through Canterbury Christchurch University to become qualified in training. I feel this is an important part of presenting your business coupled with your ability to deliver. During this time I have spent a lot of hours working with apprentice's, A level students and new staff starting out in businesses. Many are keen to develop their careers and I have great faith in their abilities.

What we do need to do is help inspire them, offer them opportunities and guide them. Its amazing how much we can learn from one another. I have been able to pass on my expertise in employability, business skills and childcare, not only the theory side but the personal experiences I have encountered. In addition I have been able to gain greater IT skills, how to download music on my I phone and take up social media such as Instagram due to working with them and teaching me those skills. It really is a win win situation.

One aspect I have never managed is how to build a website. A wonderful young man Bradley Royer heard about my story and my desire to open my CIC company to help others. He then asked to build my site for me. I am delighted and the offer was so generous, my gratitude for this overwhelming gesture is beyond any expectations.

Please take a look at this fantastic site and let us always help young people to fulfill their future with training, guidance and a believe in them.

A huge thank you to Bradley for helping me set up my CIC

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