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Check out thoroughly who is looking after your baby

I have worked with Civil and Corporate for many years in checking documents for Nannies to obtain a DBS. It is worrying that there seems to be loop holes that enables people to gain the checks without the correct paper work. Their report is below. Parents need to be especially careful as Nannies and Au pairs are left on their own with the children. It is really important you can trust the background of them. and not just a DBS, you need to see original certificates, and references not on a mobile phone either. Children are precious and vulnerable so dont take short cuts on checking your chosen nanny out thoroughly. Look at agencies or consultancy checking services to help you. It is easy with the update service to keep up to date with a persons DBS and a nanny would need to register this within 30 days of getting the certificate through . At present it costs £13.00 per annum to use the update service. It is the responsibility of the nanny to provide this, as it is part of their professionalism. I would advise the parent to pay for the Ofsted registration but a DBS and First aid training is part of the nannies professional portfolio and they should be paying for those.

Information from Civil and Corporate

Sent by Jackie Thompson.

The DBS have identified a sharp rise in forged documentation being produced to employers. We have also discovered that when asked to refer ID documentation to the DBS for examination, ALL have been counterfeit. Some applicants already have their DBS check at this stage and will be working illegally.

As an employer, you have a duty to prevent illegal working. You should conduct document checks to make it harder for people with no right to work in the UK to unlawfully obtain or stay in employment, and to make it easier for you to ensure that you only employ people who have permission to do the work in question.

If you carry out document checks, you will have a statutory excuse against liability for a civil penalty.

You should conduct right to work checks on all potential employees. This means you should ask all people you are considering employing to provide you with their documents. To ensure that you do not discriminate against anyone, you should treat all job applicants in the same way at each stage of your recruitment processes.

Please use our ID, Right to Work and Passport Scan facilities on the system or utilise any other service available to assist you.

For more information you can reach Civil and Corporate on:

Or contact us we have years of helping people with checking documentation and requesting DBS from Civil and Corporate.

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