Project Action London works collaboratively with others.

Wellness is about the whole person and not just one aspect. At Project Action London (CIC) we are keen to work collaboratively with other experts. Yesterday I had a lovely meeting with Sue and Julie from the Well-being link. They have a group in Dartford and soon to open a new group in Gravesend. Not only do you get offered the reassuring cup of tea, but they offer counselling, therapies, support and meeting up with other people which helps with isolation. By working together this offers full support to helping people to grow in their journey.

Our skills at PAL lie in helping people back to work in aspects such as re-evaluating skills, how to build on confidence, motivation, dealing with change and preparing for work. We are often called to help establishments once clients feel ready to take the next step going back to work after a break or illness. Our work with local businesses is to offer training sessions to help support development of their staff which helps staff feel valued and opportunities to grow and develop in their roles and the company.

You often hear about the working action plan which gives people a goal addressing concerns or problems they are having. This can be a positive step in offering proactive action they can work with. Appraisals correctly executed within companies can also act as an action plan for staff. So how can we help:

  • For businesses we support the company in helping staff with CPD and building confidence /developing your staff skills. Staff enjoy seeing positive investment in them by having training.

  • It builds internal relationships as often training takes place across the company departments such as customer service/experience and time management. Staff training together, learn and come up with solutions to work together.

  • Staff feel valued by the company offering continued professional development.

  • This helps the staff understand the need for all to contribute to the company’s brand and promote in a positive and engaging manner

  • Help with areas that need developing, offering staff the training session, and accessing the outcome.

For those going back to work:

  • Identify that a person needs some support at a difficult time in their life’s

  • Helping them create a plan to work towards desired goals which are realistic.

  • Training with others and overcoming isolation

  • Be able to have a positive approach and focus on what is achievable rather than looking too forward and feeling a failure.

  • Re-evaluating skills set and the possibilities ahead in a positive approach.

Up and coming events with Wellbeing link

Tuesday 11th September 2019 10am -2pm

Where: Council chambers, Woodville Halls, Gravesend, DA11 0PA

For therapies there is a £5.00 fee which covers, massage, reflexology or a choice of complementary therapies, in addition, there are competitions and craft activities

For more information: (Not for profit community project)

Information on how Project Action London can help you please contact us on our link here

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