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Your time to thrive in 2023

Having worked in personnel, a director of a nanny recruitment business for over 20 years, and retrained to become a teacher/trainer we help others through our CIC company to think about new opportunities. We have supported those trying to return to work after being unemployment, help with those thinking about opening a business, and training for Nannies to gain a certificate to practice. Project Action wanted to share some guidance to help others who might be looking at a change in the new year.

Challenges have come in so many disguises over the past few years. It’s been tough for individuals, workplaces, and businesses. As an employee or employer, people have faced many challenges not only in the workplace but home and family life too. Have you had times felt lonely? your job at risk? faced/feared redundancy? and this often creates lots of stress. I think everyone can answer yes to that.

Now is a time to look at your plan and how you can thrive as a person. When training people returning to work, I ask them to Visualise things they would like to achieve. Even starting with a mind map to help them focus and progress.

Look at achievements you would like to aim for: i.e., a new career, promotion or start a business.

What are your objectives in reaching these: Do you need further training for this? financial assistance?

Gather your aims and objectives with all the plus points and minus aspects and speak to another person about it. By talking to someone else this helps puts matters into prospective. A big career change may look attractive but until you work within that environment do you really know? Could you volunteer and gain a greater insight. Maybe you know someone in that field, and you could have a talk with them to understand the role and expectations better.

Look at the impact: Think about how this will impact on you and if you have family on them.

For example:

Will the salary to begin with be less than you currently earn? Will this change eventually be advantageous to you.

Hours: less or more?

Study: Will you need to go back to further education for the qualifications needed for the role?

Look at practical solutions to mitigate problems especially financially. Are the risk factors short term which can be managed and the gain greater further down the line?

Wellbeing: Bring together anyone who your change will affect and make sure your decision is supported.

Thinking about all the above to reach your goal and the change looks like a brighter future, then start getting the plan commencing one step at a time.

Good luck and if you need any further information please contact us.

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