Health and Safety training just got fun! apparently

Last week I worked with a superb little charity called 'Big Red Bus Club' based in Charlton. They asked me to deliver training on the above subject. I was given a large document on their policy and set about writing a bespoke training session specifically following their requirements and ensuring this took into account the services they offer. After all, not only do employers have a duty of care for health and safety, in addition employees and volunteers also have a responsibility. It is very important that everyone is fully aware of this.

I had a mixture of staff and volunteers at the venue. It was imperative for me to ensure this was a matter understood as health and safety is crucial for all who go to the BRBC. Two hours can be difficult to keep concentration on some subjects, so I made sure the session included closely related aspects of their roles with clear understanding on how accidents can happen, how we can avoid them and how to report them. This was followed by a power point presentation to show key policies. Q and A discussions, then risk assessments to carry out checks and have a certain understanding of the policies.

The 2 hours literally flew by and the staff and volunteers reported back saying that they loved the training. They particularly liked the fact it was broken down, and the sections were simple and easy to understand.

One lady told me health and safety training had just got FUN.

Thank you from me, I really enjoyed delivering the course.

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