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Team work

A couple of weeks ago I took a training session on team work.

It is important to understand that Team work is imperative to a company’s success. My first question was why you want to hold a session and what is your desired outcome. This shapes the lesson plan I create

I always go into my sessions blind not knowing who I am training each one I deliver is individual to the companies needs and requirements.

Due to the way we all work it is essential to develop teamwork skills and mix employees in these sessions. So, they have an opportunity to get to know each other and share their working capabilities with each other. It is also crucial in such a competitive world that team work is paramount why:

  • T - Together

  • E - Everyone

  • A - Achieves

  • M - More

So, my focus was to show how people in the company have individual skills that everyone can

and be able to combine these skills sets enabling the ability to reach goals that the company has. No company can function fully without appreciating all that the team members can achieve. It is important to recognise this.

Our session commenced with everyone filling in a chart about what their duties involved, who can help them achieve, and what could be helpful in enabling them to achieve more. We then did an exercise on finding out what others in the company thought they did and compared. Very interesting result.

They shared this and an opportunity to help one another more was created.

A power point, Q and A and a game all made the event a fun, interactive yet important message.

At the close of the session every person wrote done for the company how they would like to progress in continuing with perusing team work and how this can be achieved.

When leaders of companies offer training to the staff it does show that they not only wish ot develop their staff but also keen ot promote team work. I found a lovely quote that really summed up the company which is a charity organisation

  • I am part of the team, I just happen to be the one in charge

  • No leader can achieve on their own that’s why teams are created

  • The real power of a leader is in the number of minds he can reach, hearts he can touch, souls he can move, and lives he can change.”

Project Action also wishes to reach hearts, move souls and change lives. Our work with local businesses will give us the opportunity to help those who have suffered sudden illness and need to re-evaluate skill set to get back to work. All our profits go to setting up FREE courses for those who will be touched by our training and build confidence and hope for a bright future.

Please contact us if we can help your staff and offer training in team work.

Training time: 2 hours up to 14 staff at one time

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