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Motivational interviewing

I have been booked to deliver a two hour training session on this subject. My life has been about interviewing people in roles of personnel, management and recruitment. But this has a different angle. So, I researched the subject matter and have found it fascinating. Whilst this is used in counselling a lot, it could be a very useful tool in appraisals.

I speak to a lot of companies regarding staff training requirements. I ask if the training has been identified due to sales, progression or staff appraisals. What I do find is that if appraisals are done it is not always for the progression of the employee. It is often done as a matter of ticking a box for HR purposes. It is often viewed as a time to moan rather than hear what their hopes and ambitions are and developing them in the company. Motivational interviewing skills would be an ideal way to help find out how they feel. Also, giving them the chance to look at what they could do to make changes, how it can be achieved and when they feel this could be completed. Motivational interview is about giving the responsibility to the person to make the change.

Once a year is not enough for appraisals if we are helping them set targets, offering training, and measuring performance. It should then take place at times of targets being reviewed, training completed and offer praise and further assistance if required. Motivational interviewing is to listen and build confidence for the person to take control to achieve the aims and targets . In counselling this is used for behavior change but it is a concept I have adapted to help appraisals be a positive experience and the employee able to speak openly about their working life and discuss opportunities they would like such as training, promotion, change in role, creating a new role as they see a need in the company.

So why are appraisals important to a company ?

  1. Employees feel valued, part of the team. and the company cares about them.

  2. Employees can look at achieving goals and agree a timescale with the target they wish to meet,

  3. Build good relationships and a greater understanding and sometimes enabling resolution if there are grievances

  4. Looking to future prospects with the confidence that the company wish their staff to progress and are part of a team.

  5. How their role affects the team dynamics

  6. Training to help them achieve and gain more skills

Every training session is bespoke to a companies requirements. If you would like to know more regarding Motivational interviewing please contact us.

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