Your Life Your Way

I have collaborated with 3 amazing ladies to organise this day to help inspire and motivate those who are at a cross roads and looking for change or new challenges:

Are you thinking about going back to work ?, would you like to review your skill sets?, build your self confidence?. Learn how to lower your stress levels, look after your physical, mental and dietary well being, help and advice for all these areas will all be on offer.

This day is aimed to help you learn how to improve your confidence , rid yourself of niggling self-doubts, discover how to meditate and even improve your pelvic floor. You get to take away tips and knowledge on how to get back into the workplace, introduction on how to set up your own business, get advice on writing a successful CV.

This will be an informative and interactive workshop. an opportunity to meet trainers who have helped many people feel inspired to take the first steps on their journey, or change direction.

It is going to be a enjoyable, relaxed and informative day full of energy and inspiration.

You won’t leave empty handed, every attendee will receive a goody bag as a thank you for spending the day with us.

Invest in yourself and live your life your way!

Our trainers include:

Margaret Cowell who is the director of Project Action London and is working in Association with the ladies below to offer a full programme of experts in their own fields:

Faye Cox Life and Mindset Coach After years of working in the world of Media and PR, I decided it was time to quit the rat race, and go it alone. I was approaching my 40’s, I’d had two children and realised that I had lost myself as a person. I had become‘MUM’ and mum alone....

After wondering where Faye had gone, I embarked on my journey of self-development and discovery. Having delved deep within myself, I now help others to delve deep to discover who they really are and how they can lead a more fulfilled life doing what they really love.

Deborah McCabe Mindfulness & Mediation Therapist I have been practicing and teaching meditation with mindfulness for 4 years now. I focus on people with depression, stress, anxiety or just simply too much going on in their heads. My aim is to enable people to understand their processes and learn through meditation to give their mind some well earned rest. The power of meditation stops the endless cycle of negative thinking and allows other thoughts to blossom and come to the fore.

Julie Bartlett Women's Health & Holistic Core Restore® Coach My role is to help ladies of all ages feel confident and in control of a part of their body that is not often discussed openly and freely. I am known as ”The Pelvic Floor Lady” and I have no problem talking about our vaginas and all the glory and problems that go with this amazing body part. I will be giving you some basic invaluable information and exercises to prevent or cure any Core dysfunction. We will be looking at nutrition and how eating well can support your pelvic and overall health.

Tickets available on Evenbrite:

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