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Invest in your staff offer in house training

Why is training beneficial to staff?

Thursday, I undertook staff training within a charity company . I have carried out several training sessions for them and each time we all come away with great satisfaction. This week it was on communication and how we are perceived through many methods we use within our daily personal and professional life’s. Years ago, life was simply it was telephone or letter, now as individuals or businesses we look at many aspects of communication with many people, our websites, social media, text, emails and many more. Very often it is not what is said but how it is conveyed by the receiver. Each role requires care and understanding.

Within the session we split into teams and looked at 3 areas for use of communication within their establishment:

  1. Control

  2. issues

  3. We must live with

Our teams looked at the various methods they use in communicating with each other, businesses and their clientele and discussed what category it would go into A, B or C. The Results were interesting and during this time there they came up with solutions which are going to be investigated further to resolve some issues.

This training brought together many departments and this being staff training gave an opportunity to work together and share ideas which in turn strengthens team work and greater understanding.

So, whilst many companies have cut staff training there are a lot of benefits to bringing people together in various departments and gathering useful information to help build a strong working team and great ideas to enhance the companies’ brand.

This really brings to light the benefits of training staff in house it does not have to be expensive but can benefit the company and staff in many ways:

  • Job satisfaction to staff and CPD

  • Morale amongst employees

  • Staff feel the company care about their development

  • Build morale amongst staff and management

  • Looking at new ideas and methods for more efficiency in the work place

  • Increased work productivity as each department works together

  • Staff being able to be innovative and share ideas

  • Lower employee turnover due to job satisfaction

  • Recognising training needed

  • Enhanced company image

Those that work with Project Action London are also giving back to the local community as we put all our profits back to helping others So not only do your staff gain training but your company is helping others. Plus the benefit of displaying on your website that you are working with us which helps us to help others.

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