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CV Writing Event

This is the first impression an employer will receive on you. The first opportunity to tell what you can do; your CV is a vital. It is the first step to your future job. CVS need to be honest and accountable we have all watched the programmes where CVS are scrutinised and failed under interview.

However, it needs to not only give information about your past roles, you need to say a piece about you, who, what, why, when and prospects in a company. Looking at skills you have to offer in work, life and training. If your unable to make this evening event we can arrange via Skype

in this training we will help you understand and format:

1. What is a CV?

2. The length a CVS should be and how we can minimise without compromising

3. What to include

4. How to format

5. Who are you? - what you should say and what not to say

With over 25 years in the recruitment sector most CVS have been viewed. So, let us help and guide you in setting up your CVS and applying for roles.

Thursday evening in Sidcup Kent 21st February 7pm-9pm

Tickets available: Facebook Event Link

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