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Ban phones at bed time, meal time and family time out

We need to embrace technology as parents but we also need to protect our children from over exposure and the dangers that can lurk behind the screen.Nannies, parents and anyone caring for children should help limit the use. As a family have time out and that includes everyone. I recently spoke to a parent and they said to me it is so difficult i am trying to read a bed time story to my children and my phone wont stop ringing and its hard to keep stopping and starting, the children begin to play up.. My advise was switch off the phone leave it down stairs and read to your children. Its time that can never be regained. Then when they are settled pick up your phone. Great article by the independent.


Parents should banish phones from the bedroom at night and at the dinner table, according to the first guidelines on screen time and social media from senior medical advisers.

Adults should also “lead by example” with their own screen use and online behaviour, the chief medical officers of England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland said

Their review of the potential harms of time spent online recommends a “precautionary approach” to children’s screen use, but said there was insufficient evidence to recommend a set an optimum limit.

While there have been studies linking excessive time on social media to increased mental health issues, it’s not clear that using the technology is inherently harmful, the report said.

Professor Dame Sally Davies, chief medical officer for England, said: “Time spent online can be of great benefit to children and young people, providing opportunities for learning and skills development, as well as allowing young people to find support and information.

Nanny training we offer via project Action London covers the EYFS needs for children to ahelp devlopemental needs for younfg children in planning activities. From fun with cooking, painting, physical, social and play. Yes we need to teach technology but used wisely and timely.

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