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New training course- communication from the womb to 5 years - helping children develop skills throug

The course:

Helping a child develop speech and understanding communication

This course is appropriate for Nannies, parents, grandparents and anyone working with young children. The course covers understanding the milestones in a child’s development and how in practical simple ways this can be done and effectively.

  • How to help them achieve the best they can

  • Become confident with your

  • Enjoy talking and developing their social sills

We go through the stages from Womb to 5 years on how a child develops talking, what to expect and how to help them.

A background to Margaret's skills and her in-depth knowledge of childcare training

Margaret trained at Canterbury Christchurch University to gain Her DET qualification in May 2018, Project Action can offer a bespoke training session for companies and a good range of courses for those looking for work, or a change of career enabling them to update skills. Others specilised field is in child care having attended Bexley College, NE Kent gaining a Nursery Nursing Examination Board qualification (NNEB) in 1982.

Margaret subsequently trained in recruitment management, developing and offering career and personal development training to staff working in the businesses in which she was employed.

In 1996 Margaret established her own nanny recruitment agency, Nanny link Ltd, specialising in the recruitment of qualified child carers. Building a successful business with franchises. During that time Margaret became aware that childcare courses offered by colleges predominately focused on nursery and infant school childcare, that nanny-centric training was less than well catered for, and so set about redressing that perceived imbalance.

Now Margaret wishes to work with local businesses, schools, charities, childcare groups and Further education establishments offering courses within her skills. Margaret ensures that her training courses are informal, interactive, and case-study based.

How to progress:

Please contact us for dates and times. We can help individuals, nannies, groups, charities and new mothers/father (parents)

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