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NEW Training dates for training to become a Nanny

It is a huge responsibility to look after someones young children and often for up to 10 hours a day. A role that should have training as mandatory after all children are precious and how they are cared for from a young age can have an affect on their perception on life as a whole.

So with over 30 years of experience as a trained NNEB, working mother who employed a nanny when running a Nanny agency we can offer the professional nanny aspect and the practical side from a parents view.

Our training gives really good foundations for those wanting to take up this career with lots of helpful hints, ideas and how to work as a trained nanny in a private home. To gain Ofsted registration you will be required to complete all 6 Modules.

Here are some new dates:

The training will take place with Margaret Cowell (NNEB) who originally founded Nanny Link in 1996. On these particular dates it will be conducted by Skype and up to 4 people may take part. All modules are £23.00 each. To gain a certificate suitable for ofsted registration all 6 modules must be completed. For those that are working in a day Nursery or child care setting already we can access the modules you will require and will discuss this with you. Courses taken will receive a certificate.

Monday 11th March

Time:4-5.00pm or 7.30- 8.30pm

Module 1: Understanding and working in a family home environment:

On completion of the course you would understand the duties that are required as a nanny and this can help when negotiating with parents when attending interviews. It will ensure your role is as a nanny so that you can help the children learn and develop.

We also help you appreciate the expectations of the parents when they choose to employ a nanny

Also covered is data protection and how this will affect your role as a nanny

Wednesday 13th March:

Time :4-5.00pm or 7.30-8.30pm

Module 2. Professional relationships

Plus, the candidates should prepare work for their portfolio

On completion on this course you should be able to demonstrate the ability to communicate with parents and children understanding all different forms of communication and appropriate use.

Developing your skills and how to help the children.

Being able to offer a professional service to clients and your charges this can help nannies know how to handle difficult situations which is paramount when working as a nanny

Monday 18th March

Module 3. Health and safety as a nanny

Time:4-5.00pm or 7,30-8.30pm

Plus, some assessments to be completed at home

The course will give you a full understanding of how to ensure that health and safety measure are understood and can be implemented in the home.

We will show you how to ensure procedures are carried out

Wednesday 20th March

Time: 4-5.00pm or 7.30-8.30pm

Module 4: Healthy diet

In a world of fast food, and allergies we will guide you to organise your menus and gain some understanding of the needs of children, showing that nannies often influence

the children’s eating to develop a healthy diet choice.

Plus, assessments to be completed at home

Monday 25th March

Time 4.00-5.00pm or 7.30-8.30pm

Module 5. Child development

All children are individuals and they are special, and a child’s needs are unique so it’s important when helping children learn and develop. The course will help you plan by various activities so you can help your charges firstly have lots of fun through variety but also learn and develop skills to help them in the world to fulfil their needs as a nanny.

Plus, assessments to be completed at home

Wednesday 27th March

Module 6. Employment matters as a Nanny

Time 4.00-5.00pm or 7.30-8.30pm

For job satisfaction and continuity for the children it is imperative that a nanny is employed with correct documentation. In this course we will go through the details that the Parent and nanny can deploy. We will also give links of the people that help with various services they may need

It’s fun and we explain things from a work experience view, being a mother who employed a nanny and a trained NNEB nanny. So why not join us and update your skills and learn new one so that you stand out from others when attending interviews.

Agencies we are happy to help any of your nannies and we fully recommend that nannies gain work with the support and expertise of an agency. please call for any further details regarding our training.

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