New and exciting time for childcare training sector for us

Having worked with Sarah Parkin over the years I am delighted that she is joining our team in being able to offer Nanny training to those in Newcastle and surrounding areas. We have consistently been in contact and a few years ago organised a meeting of minds event for nanny agencies which was a great success. We share in the same passion and standards that should be met by those wanting to be nannies and for families to know that their nanny has comprehensive and quality training. Sarah runs a successful nanny agency that helps families in Newcastle and has a branch in Dulwich London.

Here is her blog today:

Training and Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for Nannies

Posted on 08 April 2019

Want to learn some new skills or do you want to refresh your current nanny skills, this course is for you!

Nanny Training Modules include:

  • Understanding and working in a family home environment

  • Professional relationships and communication within a family home

  • Health and safety as a nanny

  • Encouraging a healthy diet

  • Child development

  • Employment best practice

The training can be offered as:

  • A full day attendance workshop in Gateshead with an introductory price of £95

  • Individual modules by Skype special introductory price of £20 per module

This is quality learning of skills for quality nannies, hosted by Kids Deserve the Best and delivering an Ofsted approved professional nanny training course created by NannyLink Training.

Nanny Training Module – Understanding and working in a family home environment

Working in a family home is different to working in a nursery or other childcare setting. This starting module will lay the critical foundations necessary to become a model nanny. On completion of the course you would have an understanding of the duties and responsibilities that are required from the multi-talented nannies of today.

Topics covered in this module:

  • Defining the role of a Nanny in a child's learning and development.

  • Understanding parent expectations when recruiting or a Nanny.

  • Modern Data Protection law and how this impacts your role as a Nanny.

Nanny Training Module - Professional relationships and communication within a family home

Working in a family home is different to working in any other kind of environment. This module will assist you in knowing how to present your skills and knowledge, whilst working together with the parents. Not only will you prepare work for your own portfolio in this module but upon completion, you will also be proficient in demonstrating your ability to communicate with parents & children by understanding different forms of communication and how to pick the appropriate method for every moment.

Topics covered in this module:

  • Different communication methods appropriate for parents and children.

  • Development of skills to aid the child's learning process.

  • Learning to handle challenging situations presented by the child. 

Nanny Training Module – Health and safety as a nanny

You have been given the responsibility of providing sole care of a child or children and it is your responsibility as a nanny to ensure that the children are safe at all times. This module will look at all aspects of your role and consideration for the child's wellbeing throughout.

This module will include some work to be completed at home to test your ability to identify potential risks in your environment and how to minimise them. Understanding how to create a safe space for children is paramount to gaining the trust of parents and fostering the development of children.

Topics covered in this module:

  • Identifying risks in everyday environments.

  • Establishing necessary changes to make to minimise risk.

Nanny Training Module – Encouraging a Healthy Diet

In a world of fast food and allergies, this module will guide you to organising tasty menus packed with nutrition to supercharge the Child's development.

Topics covered in this module:

  • Understanding the level of influence a Nanny has over a child's diet and how to harness this to create health habits.

  • Developing meal plans tailored to the needs of the child.

  • Discussion around the dangers of allergies and how to avoid a reaction

There will be some assessments to be completed at home.

Nanny Training Module – Child Development

All children are special, every child is their own individual person, and every child will have their own individual needs to ensure effective learning and meaningful development. This module will help you to plan various activities to ensure you can encourage your charges not only to have fun through variety, but also for you to learn and develop your skills to help you in the world in order to fulfil your needs as a nanny.

Topics included in this module:

  • Recognising the crucial role of a nanny in a child’s development trajectory.

  • How to plan different activities to inspire different types of learning.

  • Different methods of delivering learning activities in a fun fashion.

Safeguarding guidance is also covered in this module. There will be some assessment to be completed at home.

Nanny Training Module – Employment Best Practice for Nannies

There are a lot of assumptions made within the nanny industry, with some not understanding that being a nanny is a chosen professional career choice. This module will help you to appreciate you as a professional nanny and ensure the specific needs in terms of job satisfaction and continuity are set whilst demonstrating best practice and high standards.

Topics covered in this module:

  • Correct employment documentation,

  • CV what to include and what to leave out.

  • Setting expectations for yourself and managing that of the parents.

  • Exploring important contacts for useful services to be used throughout your career and future development.

  • Best practice tips once you have been offered a new nanny position

This course is:

  • Perfect if you are new to working as a nanny

  • Great if you have moved from a nursery or school environment into a nanny role

  • Ideal if you have been working as a nanny for a long time and want to refresh skills - there may be an idea or technique you have not thought about?

  • A great opportunity to show off your commitment to working in the nanny profession by enhancing your skills as part of your continuous professional development (CPD)


North East Nannies - give us a call on 0191 2507025 or drop us an email to and let us know if you want to do the full course or individual modules.

London Nannies - give us a call on 0203 1500 225 or drop us an email to and let us know if you want to do the full course or individual modules.

We are planning on hosting the full course on an attendance basis once per month in Gateshead and once a month in London depending on how many learners there are. Individual modules will be hosted by Skype according to demand. You do NOT have to be registered with Kids Deserve the Best to take part in this training, we really do want to help as many nannies as possible to enhance their skills to help you to be the best nanny you can be.

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