Coping with change training session

It was a very enjoyable training session coping with change last week. I had written a lesson plan, but it was not followed as the group were so interactive, I changed what we did as we went along. The outcome was overwhelming met and the feedback was wonderful. What is important to me as a trainer is to be confident in delivering to meet the needs of the learners. Working in companies I do not know who I will be teaching, and I love to work with spontaneity, and by the comments made to me after the training confirmed it worked extremely well.

Change does not always have to be negative it can be buying a first home, business growing, or it can be challenging such as losing your job unexpectedly or a surprised reaction to maybe becoming parents and your life changes for ever when the new baby is born. Sometimes knowing an event is going to happen but the reality is different can sometimes be the hardest change to deal with as our expectations are not met.

Many of our changes are unavoidable and it is how we manage the change to that experience. In the first instance we looked at what changes create a need to look at our emotions, how we can manage or even sometimes cope with certain changes offering us new experiences which can lead to positives.

All those on the course were going through a difficult transitional time with varying reasons but it was recognized that everyone was experiencing many of the same emotional problems and fear to move on. So, we looked at how we could manage and respond to these by working in groups and sharing ideas. We found that everyone used the mixture of escape and not facing reality but wanted to have controlled cope mechanism as well. What we all agreed was that you cannot change what has happened, we can only manage the situation and then being able to move on, otherwise the problem escalates and you can become more emotionally exhausted and the problem gets worse.

We looked at how we could use stages to start making things change for the better in small steps so that they are achievable.Change can be difficult because it can challenge how we think, how we work, the quality of our relationships, and even our physical wellness so it is important to have a plan and try to work to it.

Everyone Shared a task they wanted to achieve following the training session and I advised all of the participants to set goals daily so that when it is achieved there is a positive outcome rather than focusing on the negative.

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