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One very happy customer and another trained nanny to work with families

To receive such lovely feedback is wonderful.

Hannah took our Nanny training course and due to distance we managed each session via Skype but you really feel the person is with you in the room. Lots of questions and assisting with the understanding as it is face to face on screen.

My philosophy is I would rather train one person on a one:one basis so that they can receive the training rather than ask them to wait for the next session.

Hannah message to me:

I have volunteered with children over a good number of years but never actually been involved in any official training towards a childcare certificate. Therefore sitting down to do this training with Margaret was really valuable. It was really interesting to hear what she had to say from her relevant experience and training and helped to confirm actions I had been performing, whilst also teaching me a few new things along the way. Margaret provides a really great environment whilst in Skype training sessions to feel like you can ask questions and learn openly. She would also offer to be at service to review any work I was doing and has offered to be there to support my practice going forward which is really kind and a great comfort.

I think the most valuable part of this course has been gaining in confidence in knowledge and practice. I feel like I have a lot more conviction in what I do and I am excited to keep going!"

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