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Mental Health First Aid - Understanding and being able to assist others

There is no one solution to any problems it really does depend on the person, circumstances and outcome they want from it. There is help we can give but it is the persons desire to want help in being able to succeed.

What I found so helpful with taking the Mental Health first aid course was that it gave me a much better understanding of the different problems faced by people and what they may be experiencing. Often it is wanting help and some of the delay is through their worry of being judged by others. The course gave some very simple steps for us to remember:

  1. Approach the person, assess and assist with any crisis

  2. Listen and communicate- non judgmentally

  3. Give support and information

  4. Encourage appropriate professional help

  5. Encourage other supports

Feeling lonely

In a society which is overcrowded and full of people it is hard to understand sometimes why anyone would be lonely. It is simple we are losing our communities day by day, shops, banks, post offices all closing so quickly. Where people used to meet and greet each other, just passing the time of day this is quickly diminishing from our community. When you go to the gym often, they are too busy with their head phones on to even notice anyone else. We are constantly being encouraged to stay in our homes, to work, to shop and venturing outside is often portrayed as full of dangers and worries, but this is creating an even more isolated society. My work with young people has really made me realise that it is hard for them to have places to go. If they ride their push bikes somewhere, they are moved on, youth clubs are rare to find now, and parents are often too scared to allow the children out. So where are we going with our future generation…

The internet is a marvelous window to the world, but it has its consequences. Many young people live in a fantasy world of only looking their best via Photoshop, friends are on face book, snap chat or Instagram and you need to have as many likes as possible or it’s a bad day. Shut away in a room on a gadget not sharing conversations or learning skills of life, its sad. We wonder why so many young people have anxiety and concern, but we are not engaging young people in real life and it needs to change.

In the meantime, we need to help people as soon as we can to get help when they really need it. So, it is great to be able to train in this area and I hope if my skills are ever needed I will help someone on their first steps to a happier fulfilled life.

Margaret helps businesses with a variety of training courses starting from £49.00 per hour for up to 8 staff. Please visit our website for further information.

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