Is it confidence before motivation or motivation first ?

Both are needed to help people get back into work and we learn the skills to do this, simple but effective. One of my favourite training sessions in seeing how people can leave a training morning feeling the confidence to be motivated or motivated to build confidence. It does not matter which way, its the outcome that people leave feeling positive and preparing themselves to go back into work.

With some small steps, you can get started down the road to positive change.

Things to help stay motivated

  1. Make goals- sensible ones and achievable

  2. Find inspirations- family, friends, colleagues, mentors who ever will help you on your journey

  3. Feel good about reaching your goals

  4. Set a date it does not have to be the next day there maybe some planning involved

  5. Tell people

  6. Commit to it

  7. Write it on the fridge so you will see it everyday

  8. Remember there will be ups and downs that is normal and OK

  9. Build on your success

Identify what are key motivators and demotivates that will impact on at work:

  • Do you need support?

  • Opportunities?

  • Further training?

Some of the comments

  1. Good at improvising situations

  2. Encourages and goes above and beyond call of duty

  1. Always Margaret keeps me motivated and good teacher

  2. Taught the workshop very well, you are excellent Margaret

  3. This course has build on my confidence a lot

  4. Very informative and Margaret was really welcoming and friendly

  5. Motivation course is the best course I have been on so far with Margaret . I found it to be very informative and entertains

  6. Learnt to set my own goals its OK to fail but it can lead to success- never give up

Project action London offers training for those wanting to go back to work please ask about our courses. or visit our website for further details

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