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Meeting of minds ANA and Project Action

The association of nanny agencies is very dear to me as I helped them some years ago being a director for them voluntarily. Children are special and the growth of childcare websites worry me that many won’t have the credentials necessary to be nannies but will source work. I ran an agency for 20 years before retraining as a Trainer/teacher. So, when I was asked to give a talk about childcare training to their members I was delighted. My career has taken a consistent path which incorporates childcare training with working now as a part time teacher with Business studies. The CIC company I set up helps those trying to get back to work after an illness, this was a natural path for me to train/teach and run courses having personnel and employment experience spanning my working life. It is lovely to give back and that is why I opened the company as a CIC.

Throughout my years I have been to so many network meetings some, better than others. Friday was one of those meetings I thoroughly enjoyed. The Nanny agencies there showed their professionalism in ensuring candidates met a high standard which is not only reassuring to parents, but the nannies know they will be looked after during their placement through the agency. Dave Worboys came form the employment agency standards and assured the members that standards set to be a member of ANA met the requirements for employment agencies. Two payroll companies attended, and they support the agencies with advice in the world of employing staff

So, networking when suitable will allow you to help each other, and use companies that are experts in their fields. Nanny agencies help nannies who have career goals and hopes which can be truly rewarding role with the right support. Part of my talk to the agencies was to express the need to recognise your skills and not to try and advise or do things in a business if you do not have the full expertise as it can lead to problems, such as legal advice, payroll, and training. When offering a service, it needs to be valid and purposeful, not just a ticking box.

So, building the connections will give you an invaluable skill to provide the nannies and parents with the support and back up plus be a one stop shop for parents. After all those looking after children have a huge responsibility and agencies will do all the interviews and checks to ensure that they are suitable. The role that the agency plays and how it is executed is crucial to building a reputation and long-lasting fulfilling business. The agency can then guide you of where to go to achieve all the requirements when taking on a nanny.

My advice having personally met the agencies (Members of ANA) on Friday would be to use an agency it saves time , reassuring checks are completed, they are there for you throughout the placement. They can offer support and advise with companies that specialism in this field and more importantly all of whom understand the world of nannies and for you as a parent will be helping your children’s happiness and care in the nanny that is employed.

Thank you to Sarah Parkin and her team for a very enjoyable, informative and progressive meeting. Look forward to working with you all.

More information:

Association of Nanny agencies: Sourcing a nanny or finding work:

The Association of Nanny Agencies is a not-for-profit trade association created to support our members by keeping childcare agencies fully informed of all childcare laws, legal requirements, rights and responsibilities as well as supporting each other and sharing best practice.

Waye2paye: for Payroll advise:

Way2paye is an established payroll company offering all clients a friendly and professional service. We do everything required by HM Revenue & Customs and go that much further in helping you with other payroll issues that may arise

Nanny Training for ofsted registration: Project Action London:

Curated for aspiring childcare professionals. Based on 6 modules, this comprehensive and in-depth course is Ofsted compliant meaning that each successful participant be able to become Ofsted registered after receiving their certificate of attendance from PROJECT ACTION.

Nanny tax:

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