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Nannies going on holiday with family guide

Nannies often enjoy the pleasure of going away to new places with their charges but it is different from working normally. Due to a conversation with Sarah Parkin at ANA I have put some guidelines together for nannies on a working holiday.

Project Action London for nanny training

Being away with the family is a very good experience as many nannies will be invited to destinations they probably would not go to. It is important though to remember that as a Nanny you are still working, and it is NOT your holiday. Some helpful tips if you are going away with the family.

Working as a nanny whilst on holiday

Please remember that this is the family’s holiday and not yours and the reason that the family have taken you away is so that the children are cared for when the parents may wish to spend some time on their own

Establish the arrangements for:

  • Mealtimes

  • Baby sitting arrangements

  • Hours of work under or over normal working week. If on call at night a rate to cover this on call scenario

  • Spending money for the children

  • Petty cash for food and drinks during the day if you have sole charge

  • Is there to be a bedtime for the children separate from yours

  • Duties expected during the day with or without the children

  • Time off for the nanny

Other factors:

  1. Fares and travel costs are met by the family. Your probably have travel insurance if you normally go abroad but please check

  2. You will need to proactive, relaxed and flexible whilst being away with the family to ensure they have a happy holiday.

  3. Dress code – with or without the family as the nanny is still representing your family. Especially on the beach

  4. Ensure you are aware of the day’s events and breakfast time is a good idea when you are all sitting down to run through that day’s timetable just in case plans need to change.

  5. The days you are to have off whilst on holiday and that is your time

  6. Where possible it is good if you have your own room or some private time in that room to get ready without children or parents running in and out

  7. Kitty- when on holiday the nanny will not be able to provide her own drinks or food. Being abroad it could use up a huge amount of your salary so it is very appreciative if the parents would be so kind as to either have a tab at the hotel or give a little extra every day to ensure the nanny is drinking and eating correctly while away. Don’t go overboard with any tabs the parents give you be aware of the money you are accumulating

  8. Rules on alcohol consumption should be discussed as well even when off duty

  9. Check your phone usage abroad and that you are covered

  10. Sit down with the family to run through the arrangements before going away

Have fun…

For more information on Nanny training (Ofsted registration) please call Margaret

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