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Make sure you are within the law with your DBS

Every person working with young children or young adults under 18 years of age must have an enhanced DBS. This applies to those working with the vulnerable too.

You cannot get the check yourself you need to go through an agency or company which is registered with the DBS board. We use a company called Civil and corporate and have worked with them for years to help nannies and people who require a DBS. The service is quick and has a very good track record.

We charge a £10.00 administration fee to check your documents and verify this to Civil and Corporate. Once this has been completed your request for a DBS will be recorded. Civil and Corporate will then send you an email which you need to fill out. We will then verify so that the check can proceed.

When you receive the DBS please ensure you go to .GOV and go on the update service so that potential employers can check your status on line. This costs £13.00 ( correct at time of blogging) this will mean that you do not keep having to do the checks for every job.

More details:

Basic DBS: This is not suitable for nannies, carers or people working with young adults under 18. It does not show any spent convictions.

Update service:

Civil and corporate:

Please note if you are not on the update service your DBS will not be valid for employers to check and you will be asked to do another DBS.

For more information please email us.

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