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Magic paint activity

You will need

Paper, watery paint, crayons and an imagination :)

What happens:

I used this activity at Firework night and Christmas as the background in black made the bright colour of the crayons shine out. But you can just make it up as you go along.

What the children love is seeing the paint disappear from the crayons- magical


Have the paint ready by watering it down, if too thick it will cover the crayon drawing

Make sure you have all the items ready before you sit the children down

Method 1. Draw a picture on the paper using crayons 2. Encourage the children to press quite hard on the paper 3. Water down the paint 4. Paint over the crayon using a background colour


In this activity you will cover:

Social: all sit together and have a go

Physical: using the paint brush and trying different

sizes along with drawing with fine motor skills

Intellectual: Talk about what you are drawing

Communication: Chatting together

Emotions: Children often draw things that matter to them it can help talking to them about it. Even if you do not recognise the picture, the children always remember what it was

If you have any ideas to share lets make some available to everyone and you can send to parents as well if you are not working in the home at present.

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