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Hedgehog activity time

Today we are looking at nature with attracting hedgehogs in the garden. Simple activities covering lots of EYFS for children fun and learning. I have given a creative activity, cookery, nursery rhyme and a story book.

Have fun...

Handy Hedgehog

You will need:

Strong paper/ or wallpaper cutting

Paper for hedgehog


Pen for nose and eye detail


  1. Get paint ready- here we have used brown but let the children decide

  2. Have pens for drawing shape of the hedgehog which they can colour or paint in

  3. Glue


  1. Use the paper to create the hedgehog picture as shown above

  2. The shape can be drawn for guidance and using pen or paint to colour in

  3. For the spiky back get the children to paint their hands and press on the outline so it looks like spikes

  4. Allow to dry

  5. Draw in nose and eye

  6. Cut out

  7. Stick on stronger paper

So, if you have room in the garden here are helpful tips on making a hedgehog house in your garden

Books to read

Lots of lovely books you can find but here is one of my favourites

Isaac, the lovable hedgehog, isn't sleepy. In fact, he's quite the opposite - he's wide awake and wants to play. However, autumn is coming, and all his little friends want to go into hibernation. They are so sleepy and struggling to keep their eyes open! Isaac tries to call on everyone he knows, but the only person who will play with him is an invisible friend. Will the games with his friend be enough to tire him out for a long, long sleep? From the author of The Very Helpful Hedgehog

Cake making:

These are adorable but you can make similar ones by using chocolate fingers. Have a go and any you manage please share on our Facebook page.

Here is a little nursery rhyme for the children to watch too:

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