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I love reading and working as a nanny would always have reading time where we would escape in a story book. Books are not just a time to escape into another world but can help children with greater understanding of the world around them, changes occurring such as going to school or new baby, learn to share stories and experiences, offer knowledge about the world, and help with food, health and having an input to their life’s. Whilst you can gain a lot from the internet you can also enjoy the experience of pictures, turning the page and following instructions together.

Reading the Sunday times, I was delighted to come across a piece written by Nicolette Jones who made her pick of the best new books to keep children happy this summer. I wanted to share these with you. Nicolette Specialises in literary and arts journalism, she is the children's books editor of the Sunday Times, and has been a reviewer, feature-writer, diarist, sub-editor and book-prize judge — from the Orange (now Baileys) prize for fiction to children's book awards.

Reading is important to children and taking time out together will give you and your children memorable moments. So, I wanted to share some of these with you that have been recommended.

0-4-year olds:

While we can't hug: (Age 2-4) By Eoin McLaughlin and Polly Dunbar Faber eBook £0.82 /Free. Out of print in August, this story is available in eBook and watchable on YouTube. A touching tale of a hedgehog and a tortoise who find ways to show their love although they must be apart.

Tiny Owl (Age 3-7 years) Bloom by Anne Nooth, illus Robyn Wilson- Owen

A grumpy man moans at the plant in his garden and it wilts. A little girl tells it she loves it and it blossoms. A touching metaphor for all our relationships

Rain before rainbows (Age 3-6) By Smritit Halls illus David Litchfield's Walker free

A stylish picture book about how there is always a way out of darkness. Released prepublication by walker books as a free eBook to raise awareness for save the children save with stories campaign

Oi Puppies: (Age 3-6) By Kes Gray Illus Jim Field Hold3r £12.99

This hilarious and popular series continue to mine a theme- creatures sitting on things they rhyme with in original ways. This time puppies will not sit on anything at first. Funny pictures, good jokes

Hugo (Age 3-6) by Atinuke, Illus Birgitta Sif Walker £12.99

A sweet picture book that tells a warm story about caring for others and a friend between a Parisian girl and Hugo, a park warden pigeon in a hat

Number 7 Evergreen Street by Julia Patton (Age 3-6) Templer £6.99

Warm, funny and elegant, this joyous picture book celebrates nature and neighbourliness. A multicultural community's eccentric building is saved from developers by a young girl greening project.

Plus, I will share one of my favourites with you for children

Guess How much I love you

." The story of Little and Big Nutbrown Hares' efforts to express their love for each other has become a publishing phenomenon, selling more than 18 million copies worldwide. First published over 15 years ago, this lovely new edition is one that children will ask for time and again.

So, turn the television off, mobile off, and sit in your favourite chair with peace and quiet and immerse in the book to share a magical moment escaping into the world of a book.

If you want to learn more about reading with children from 0 we offer a on line training course

In lock-down I read

Tea by the nursery fires: A children's nanny at the turn of the century by Noel Streatfield

As a trained nanny I found this book very fascinating and interested so much so it was read in two days :)

Available from Amazon

Emily Huckwell spent almost her entire life working for one family. Born in a tiny Sussex village in the 1870s, she went into domestic service in the Burton household before she was twelve, earning £5 a year. She began as a nursery maid, progressing to under nurse and then head nanny, looking after two generations of children. One of the children in her care was the father of Noel Streatfield, the author of Ballet Shoes and one of the best-loved children's writers of the 20th century. Basing her story on fact and family legend, Noel Streatfield here tells Emily's story, and with her characteristic warmth and intimacy creates a fascinating portrait of Victorian and Edwardian life above and below stairs.

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