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Employing a nanny

My heart goes out to the children and their families with recent news reported in the times paper yesterday about another person becoming a 'nanny' and harming the children. Nannies work in the homes of families and care for their children and SHOULD be safe. Many parents use different methods to find and source help but I urge parents to do full checks and not let any information or details be left to trust and unchecked where your children are concerned. If someone passes you a phone number do more .. when someone doesnt have a DBS, and its not on the update dont employ. it can be done.

I trained as a NNEB nanny and for over 20 years I ran a nanny agency and found work for many nannies and still have contact with them I changed career and went into teaching and training. I train in the nanny common core skills for ofsted registration and work with some superb agencies who source nannies for families. If your sourcing a nanny to look after your children look at reputable nanny agencies who will offer you choice with all the checks done for you. Many nannies return to their chosen agency when seeking work and build a good relationship with them and can give you lots of background.

I hope the information helps families and I have offered some details on links that may assist you.

Employing a nanny.

Take care and keep safe ( This was recorded during lockdown and you may hear the dog bark at the very end sorry)


Employing a nanny
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