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Worksheets for the children - looking at countries, language, numbers and searching

Home School countries worksheet
Download DOCX • 577KB

language worksheet answers
Download DOCX • 577KB

The sheets cover english, maths and ICT. You can work on them with different age groups working together. I have used Google translate which is not always 100% accurate but is a good tool and easy to use for language translation. In addition I went to Youtube to see the sign language Makaton to add to the learning experience.

Lots of activities can be extended from this such as creative work, making maps, graphs, and cooking food from different countries which will extend the learning.

The overall aim is to learn new words, think about numbers and be able to look up additional information. If you can combine further research with books and technology that would be advantageous.

Hope you enjoy them and they help with home schooling.

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