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Advice on nannies working during lockdown with the parents at home

With the unprecedented times many children will be at home from school and the parents working from home. Due to parents working at home the nanny will be able to continue as a key worker. I would advise the parents and nanny sit down and have a conversation about how the role will change for a while.

Children need to understand who is to make decisions during this period, and both parties are agreeable. Whilst the nanny is caring for the children it is important that any decisions made about the children is backed up in front of them. If the nanny or parent is not agreeing on the matter it is discussed in private and away from the children.

Areas to look at for this lockdown:

1. Look at the daily routine: This will need to change and implement a routine for the children covering learning (school), activities, outside play, quiet play, and organising mealtimes for them.

2. Agree a time that the parent will want to interact with children maybe lunch time. Times they need complete privacy for conference calls. This will help you arrange the timetable.

3. If a parent is joining the children for lunch it is good to have an activity prepared to distract the children when they need to go back to doing their work.

4. When I nannied, I found it best to go out with the children in the morning if the parent was working. It gave me the opportunity to take control of the day on the onset and often it gave the parent the chance to do their work peacefully without too many distractions in their ‘office/room’ of work. On returning we had a fun activity to complete to keep them entertained without distracting the parents.

5. If the parents want to implement an hour or so with the children to play/meal or activity, this could be written into the daily plan and will give the nanny a chance to take a break. Nannies could also take the opportunity to carry out other duties for the children such as washing/ironing/ cooking they may find easier to do.

6. Offer as much continuity and routine as you can but flexibility will be needed. Children love routine it makes them feel safe and content.

When more than one person is at home children will naturally go to different people if they want to do something. It can cause a problem if one says no and they go to another adult and they say yes. It is good to have an agreement regarding this otherwise it will cause many problems.

Wishing you all the absolute best


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